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Class Dues

The student handbook states the following regarding class dues:


 Class dues are a standard practice for classes at HCHS and questions sometimes arise about their purpose and function. Funds to pay for most high school education expenses are provided primarily by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Hart County Board of Education. Typical expenses covered by these governmental bodies include property costs, operating expenses, most furnishings, instructional equipment, textbooks, most instructional supplies and staff salaries. Rarely are funds provided for expenses associated with extracurricular student activity programs, such as school clubs and class activities.
 Although not required to do so, each school class usually wants to engage in some activities, which require funds. These include homecoming week activities such as the building of floats, special class events such as the prom, and graduation activities. An additional factor is that some of these activities require some large advance payments prior to the events. To help fund the class’ operating costs, a modest fee for class dues is assessed to fund their class activities. The school has agreed to help each class with the equitable collection of class dues by withholding school privileges (parking, prom admittance, senior activities, etc.) from students who have not paid their dues. In this arrangement, each class has been assigned an account kept in our local school funds, and expenses for the class are paid from this account upon the approval of the class officers and their sponsor(s). In this manner, classes may purchase supplies, reserve music for Prom, participate in special senior activities (i.e., color yearbook pages, field trips, and picnic), and otherwise plan effectively for their activities.
 Class dues should be paid by the due date designated by the class officers and/or class sponsors and should be paid to the designated class sponsor(s). Class dues for underclassmen will be $20 per year and for seniors will be $15 per year. Each class will elect class officers at the beginning of the school year and will be assigned staff members to serve as class advisors for that class each school year.

Seniors who wish to go to Prom and participate in senior activities in the spring need to have all their dues paid for each year attended at HCHS before spring break.

Juniors who wish to go to Prom need to have all their dues paid for each year attended at HCHS before spring break.