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The student handbook states the following regarding Prom:

   The Prom, held in the spring, is the social activity of the year for Hart County’s Juniors and Seniors. The Juniors, Seniors, and their guests enjoy an evening of formal dress, friendship, and dance in a highly decorated but relaxed atmosphere.

   The Prom is a school activity, which requires student behavior to conform to school policies. Students who wish to bring a guest who does not attend Hart County High School must get approval from an administrator. Individuals who are not a high school freshmen or older will not be permitted to attend Prom. Any individual who has been expelled from Hart County Schools may not attend Prom. Also, any individual who has dropped out of the Hart County School system may not attend Prom until his/her class has graduated, unless that student is currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution.

   Juniors and Seniors who desire to bring a guest will be required to obtain prior administrator approval for their guest before tickets will be sold to them. Students will be responsible for the actions and behaviors of their guests at all time.
   Students are expected to act respectfully at all times and dance in a style and fashion that is consistent with the expectations of Hart County High School. Students should dance front-to-front at all times. The following types of dancing are not acceptable: moshing, slam, body / crowd surfing, freaking, and bump and grind. All dancing that is unsafe, overly affectionate, or sexually suggestive will be corrected by chaperones and/or administrators. Students who persist in inappropriate dancing will be ejected from the dance and may face disciplinary action.

Prom attire will be as follows:

  • Gentlemen’s attire – tuxedo, suit or shirt and tie with dress pants and sports coat. Ties or bowties and dress shoes are required. Jackets may be removed during the evening but dress shirts must remain on and buttoned at all times.

  • Ladies’ attire – dresses are not to expose the stomach, excessive cleavage, and/or cut so deeply that the lower back is exposed. Slits are not to exceed mid-thigh. Dress length shall be at least knee length. No two piece dresses or see-through dresses are permitted.

  • Administrators have final authority on all attire worn to Prom. If you have questions concerning your clothing, please bring in a picture to be approved by administration. Students should not wear something questionable, which may result in waiting for a change of clothes or a ride home. 

  • Items that are not permitted include, but are not limited to, the following: jeans, sunglasses, bandanas, tennis shoes, hats.

  • No food or drink items may be brought to Prom.

  • This applies to Hart County High School students and their guests.