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Parent Involvement Policy

Last Updated: 8/14/2020 6:56 PM

LeGrande School Parent Involvement Policy

Home Support for Student Learning

Our principal and teachers will…

1. Require students to record daily homework assignments in the students’ agenda/handbooks.

2. Provide information on the content students will learn each year.

3. Send home newsletters at least four times a year that include information on constructive family practices, such as encouraging school attendance, completing homework, monitoring television viewing, etc.

4. Support a vigorous Parent Teacher Organization.

5. Maintain open communication with parents through Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Our Family Resource Service Center will…

1. Survey families at least once a year to learn what services and activities would most help the families support their children.

2. Offer a well-planned, well-publicized set of programs to meet those needs.


We invite concerned adults throughout our community to join in our decision-making by…

1. Signing up to serve on our SBDM committees.

2. Attending Council or committee meetings

3. Commenting on draft policies and plans as they are made available on our website and SBDM bulletin board.

4. Participating in surveys, input meetings, and other opportunities to define school needs and develop solutions.


We invite concerned members of our community, including parents, to volunteer to help our students in the following capacities:

1. Tutoring

2. Assisting with classroom activities that need more than one adult’s help.

3. Preparing materials, mailings, refreshments or other items needed for family and community involvement.

4. Joining our Parent Teacher Organization and participating in its many efforts to strengthen our school.

As needed, we will identify other volunteer roles through our Comprehensive School Improvement Planning Process. Parent volunteers will be assigned special duties/responsibilities by the principal or the principal’s designee based on instructional needs of the school. Parents may or may not be assigned to volunteer in their own child’s classroom.