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Daily Activities and Homework

****Homework and due dates are subject to change**** 

August 23-

Take Data Tracker 1 on Study Island

Begin Study Island 1st Nine Weeks assignments. They are due October 4th. They are as follows:

  • Elements of Culture
  • Age of Exploration
  • Social Institutions
  • Interactions Among Individuals and Groups
  • Great Convergence and American Society
  • American Revolution

August 22-continue New Empires in the Americas Pre-assessment thinkcentral

August 21-Submit migration assignment.

New Empires in the Americas

http://www.thinkcentral.com SR8 US2. Write the questions and answers.

research and identify or define the following:

Henry The Navigator



Christopher Columbus

Line of Demarcation as it relates to Spain

Ferdinand Magellan


Columbian Exchange-define this but also give examples of items and goods that were brought to the Americas and examples of items and goods that were taken back to Europe.

How did the Columbian Exchange and the slave trade affect the economies and peoples of Europe, Africa and the Americas?


Hernan Cortes

Francisco Pizarro


Protestant Reformation

Spanish Armada

Northwest Passage


The Middle Passage

African Diaspora

August 20- Complete Migration assignment on Google Classroom. Take Quizizz on Migration.

August 19-Migration assignment on Google Classroom. 

August 16-Migration assignment on Google Classroom. 

August 15-continue and complete the assignment from yesterday.

August 14-The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic

http://www.thinkcentral.com/SR8 US1. Write the questions and answers on notebook paper

Identify or define the following:

Bering Land Bridge

Why were early peoples able to use the Bering Land Bridge

What is another name for the Bering Land Bridge-could be a concept


Why did early peoples in the Americas migrate south


What is the earliest known civilization in the Americas? Where was it located?



What was the Ice Age

Draw a map depiction of the human migration into the Americas.

August 13-Papers to be sent home handed out. Classroom/school expectations and procedures.