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Language Arts Vocabulary

Language Arts Vocabulary
The Big “6”. Words that ask questions (while we read). Students should be able to answer these questions about any reading story/passage they read or write.
Moral of a Story: The Lesson you Learn
Root/Base Word: A word all by itself
            EX: run
Prefix: Adding letters to the FRONT of a root (base) word to make a new word
            EX: rerun
Suffix: Adding letters to the END of a root(base) word to make a new word
            EX: runner
Character: the person or animal in a story
Trait: is something that describes the personality of a character
            EX: brave, kind, friendly, funny, generous, kind, mean, scared, selfish, serious, silly smart, youthful
Motivation: the reason a character does something
Setting: Where the story takes place
Plot: a series of events in a story
Conflict: the problem the characters have
Resolution: The answer to the conflict (problem) the characters have