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In Grade 5, students learn about the history of the United States from its early beginnings to the present with a focus on colonial times through the 20th century. Students recite and explain the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance. Students examine the importance of effective leadership in a democratic society and identify important leaders in the national government. Students examine fundamental rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Students describe customs and celebrations of various racial, ethnic, and religious groups in the nation and identify the contributions of famous inventors and scientists. Students use critical-thinking skills, including sequencing, categorizing, and summarizing information and drawing inferences and conclusions.

  • REDO Policy Updates

    Please be advised that all redo's need to be done in my classroom in the mornings so that I can be available for any students needing help. I am available all mornings except for Wednesdays. All Flashbacks and Geography will not be redone.

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