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Dear 5th Grade Students and Parents,                                       

Reading is an important part of our day! Please be aware that each student has an AR requirement each nine week grading period. Students will have Reading Logs that will keep track of the books, scores and points so that we can collaborate. This collaboration will help us to Synergize (habit 6) by working together to find books of interest, discuss points, and to Put First Things First (habit 3) by not waiting until the last week to cram books in for points. We want to be reading daily (20 minutes at home is our daily homework)! Our Reading Log will help us to Begin With the End in Mind (habit 2) by creating a plan.

The following will help us to be successful by being Proactive (habit 1):

  • AR books are a requirement in each class (supplies). There will be AR time or DEAR (drop everything and read) time in each class. This is essentially at least 50 minutes of reading time per week just in school. Please read 20 minutes per night!
  • Students visit the library weekly and there are classroom libraries available.
  • Students must Think Win-Win (habit 4) by getting each AR book approved by Mrs. Murray before reading.
  • 1) AR Goals will count as a test grade in Reading each nine weeks.2) An average of test grades will also be a test grade in Reading each nine weeks.Please be advised that AR will make up 2 TEST GRADES per nine weeks.
  • All AR tests must be taken in Mrs. Murray’s room unless permission is given otherwise. Any test taken outside of Mrs. Murray’s room, without permission, will not count towards goal points or test grades for Reading class. (Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood – habit 5)
  • AR Incentives will be given for individual success and whole class success (Sharpen the Saw – habit 7). Our students are Synergizing to develop these incentives.