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Literary Elements Vocabulary


  1. Fiction: a genre of writing that contains made up people and events.


  1. Setting:  when and where a story takes place.


  1. Detail: a specific piece of information that helps you understand things contained in a story.


  1. Inference: an educated guess about a passage based on the author’s clues and the reader’s prior knowledge.


  1. Character:  the people, animals, objects, or creatures in a story.


  1. Character Traits: anything that describes a character. This could describe their personality or physical traits.


  1. Motivation: the reason for the way a character acts.


  1. Protagonist: the “good guy” in a story.


  1. Antagonist: the “bad guy” in a story.


  1. Prose Writing: writing that is broken down into paragraphs and chapters.


  1. Noun: a person, place, or thing.








5th Grade Spelling Words


  1. distance
  2. method
  3. anger
  4. problem
  5. butter
  6. petals
  7. enjoy
  8. perhaps
  9. figure
  10. channel
  11. admire
  12. comedy
  13. husband
  14. tissue
  15. mustard
  16. shuttle
  17. advance
  18. drummer
  19. regular
  20. denim