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Discipline Plan


Ms. Atwell’s Proactive Plan

In our class room we want the children to learn that they are responsible for the choices they make and their behavior.  We have an owl tree in our classroom.  This is a visual aid to help your child learn to control and monitor his/her behavior. Every morning we will review the class rules and your child’s owl starts out at the top of the tree.  However, when he/she has a behavior problem his/her name may move to the second branches which means he/she misses some afternoon play center time.  If your child has more behavior problems his/her name may move to the lowest branches which means that he/she has lost all of his/her afternoon play center time.  Before a child’s owl moves at all we give at least one warning or more depending on the misbehavior.  We like to allow a child the chance to correct his/her behavior before moving his/her owl.  We want each child to learn that he/she has a choice in the way that he/she behaves.  We also want each child to learn that good choices bring good consequences and bad choices bring about bad consequences. During the day if your child corrects his/her misbehaviors, his/her name may move back up the tree branches gaining back lost play center time. 


We also have a marble jar in the classroom where good behaviors are rewarded.  When a child acts in a kind manner or follow rules and directions very well, he/she may be asked to put a marble in the jar.  When the jar is full or has reached a certain amount the children will get into the *treasure* box or receive some kind of treat or reward.  The marble jar encourages the children to work together, be kind to others, and that positive behaviors are valued over negative ones.


In your child’s communication folder you will find what looks like a calendar page.  We will use this page to inform you of your child’s behavior here at school.  We hope this will help us to better communicate with you about your child and his/her behavior here in the classroom.  Please return this calendar page each day so we will be able to keep you informed of your child’s behavior.  Each day we will mark the sheet to show how your child behaved for that day.  A check means that your child had good behavior and did not lose any indoor center playtime.  A triangle means that your child had some problems with behavior for the day and spent five to ten minutes in time out.  A circle means that your child had a lot of behavior problems for the day and missed most or all of his/her indoor playtime.  If your child receives a circle, we will try to note the misbehavior that occurred the most for that day. 


You can help out with the discipline plan just by checking the behavior sheet in your child's folder everyday.  Please talk with him/her about his/her behavior and encourage your child to make good choices about behavior.  If your child's name stayed on green then let them know how happy you are about that.  If your child's name moved, then ask him/her about why it moved and discuss how he/she can make better choices.  We are really looking forward to working with you to promote a year filled with good choices and good behaviors.