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Kindergarten Reminders and Information

            Parent Letters

                                                                   Munfordville Elementary School


1.  Medical Info:  If your child has any food allergies, medical problems, or any other special needs or information that you have not told us about already, please tell us. We will put this information in our files so that we can better care for your child’s needs while he/she is here at school.  Also, if your home phone number or address changes during the school year please let us know so we can keep current information on your child.  

2.  Extra Clothing:  We are asking that you send in an extra set of clothing for your child.  Sometimes a child may have a spill or accident that requires him/her to change clothes and having an extra set here will allow us to quickly help your child.  

3.  Items from Home:  Please label any item your child brings to school with his/her name.  Also if you send in ice cream money please put it in an envelope or bag and label it.  

4.  Communication Folders:  We will be sending home a school/home communication folder with your child each night.  You will find important notes and reminders in this folder and you can use the folder to send notes to us.  Your child will turn in his/her folder every morning and it will be checked for any notes or other papers that may need to be returned to school. 


5.  PE Days:  On PE days your child needs to wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothing for physical activities.  

6.  Reading Homework:  Books will be sent home in your child’s reading bag. Please keep the books in your child’s bag during the week and at the end of the week he/she can keep the books.  Be sure and read with your child and sign the homework journal that is in the red folder.  Remember you and your child can read any of the books for the week and it is okay for your child to read a book more than once.  Rereading a book helps to build fluency.  When reading with your child have him/her find the words on the page, ask him/her to look at the picture and discuss how the picture matches the words, and ask him/her questions about what you are reading.  These are reading strategies that will help your child become a better reader.  We will try to send home  new books each week.  At the end of each month we will celebrate each child who has done his/her homework for the month.  We would also like to say “Thank You” to all the parents/guardians who help their child with his/her reading homework.  Please keep up the good work.  The more we read with the children, the better readers they will become.


7.  Book Orders:  At certain times you may find a Scholastic book order form in your child’s folder.  This is a great and easy way to purchase books for your child.  During the year we will be sending home order forms for you to view.  You do not have to purchase any books from this company.  This is just an opportunity to view and purchase books for your child.  If you wish to purchase books for your child please fill out the order form including the child’s name and the money amount.  When the form is returned to school please include your check for the amount.  Please make your check out to Munfordville Elementary School.

 8. Snack and Parties:  We have snack time at 1:20 each day.  The children are welcome to bring a snack from home.  **All of our holiday parties will be held at snack time in the cafeteria.  The three kindergarten classes celebrate together so we ask our parents to plan and work together to make these celebrations special for the children.  Also all party items must be store bought.  As a holiday party approaches more information will be sent concerning that party. 

9.  Birthdays:  If you would like to provide a special snack at snack time for your child's class for his/her birthday, please let us know a few days ahead.  Please let us know what kind of snack you would like to bring and please remember that any food allergies in the class need to be considered.  Also all food items must be store bought.  Thanks.