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Second Grade

    Your child will be having weekly spelling tests.  Each student's words to study will please look for these words to come home with your child at the beginning of each week. 


    Your student will also be reading a story from his/her Reading Street series.  At the end of the week, they will have a vocabulary test, along with a reading comprehension test over the story that has been read and discussed.  Talk with your child each week about what they are reading...this will help your child to increase his/her comprehension.  As always, thank you for your support and being a part of your child's academic success!!

Make sure you also check out Ms. Shuffett's website for additional resources and games to help your child!

Please.....Practice the list of Dolch Sight Words often...please see the the Dolch Sight Word page for the list of all words your student should know beginning with words taught in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.  It is necessary to begin with the Kindergarten words just to ensure they know them  before moving on to other grade levels.  Thanks!