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9th Grade Timeline for College Planning

Ninth-Grade Planner




  • Take the most challenging courses you can.
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities and community volunteer work.
  • Get organized. Create a college access file for:
    • Copies of report cards.
    • Lists of awards and honors.
    • Descriptions of school and community activities, including paid and volunteer work.
  • Work hard in class. The grades you earn will be part of your final high school GPA and can earn you KEES money.
  • Register on for a MyKHEAA account and to receive the Your KHEAA College Connection newsletter.
  • Use the ILP to explore your interests and possible careers.




  • Attend any career days offered by your school or in your community.
  • Talk with your school counselor and parents about a plan that will prepare you for college.
  • Research college costs and talk with your parents about saving for college.




  • Meet with your school counselor to set your sophomore schedule. A tough course load may pay off with scholarships and help you get into the school of your choice.
  • Ask your counselor about Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Some schools offer them to sophomores.
  • Ask your counselor about International Baccalaureate (IB) courses if your school offers that program.




  • Continue to explore interests and careers.
  • Start thinking about the colleges you might like to attend. Use the matching assistant on to find the Kentucky schools that meet your requirements.




  • Check into summer enrichment programs in subjects that interest you.
  • Find out what a college atmosphere is like by attending a summer camp at a college near you.




  • Use your MyKHEAA account to check your KEES account and to make sure your personal information and GPA are correct. If you find an error, ask your counselor to have it corrected.