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Local Scholarships




TJ Regional Health Scholarship OPPORTUNITY   DUE 1/31/2022

Scholarship Central DUE 3/1/2022  APPLY (There are SEVERAL here for Hart County Students!!!)

Hart County Scholarship Alliance  DUE 3/1/2022    APPLY

Kentucky 4-H Foundation Scholarship  APPLY 05/11/2022

Contact the guidance office for applications:

Kentucky 2A State Championship Scholarship  DUE 3/1/2022

George Howard Memorial Minority Scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Russ Bardin Scholarship Award  DUE 4/1/2022

George Crafton Memorial Scholarship  DUE 3/1/2022

Frank Baird Scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Cecilian Bank Scholarship DUE 4/8/2022

Donald F Wilkerson Scholarship DUE 4/1/2022

National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship DUE 1/1/2023

Hart County 4-H Council Scholarship  DUE 4/12/2022

Merle and Debi Glaab 4-H Memorial Scholarship DUE 4/12/2022

Hart County Homemaker Council Scholarship DUE 4/12/2022

Hart County Conservation District's Youth Conservation Award Application  DUE 4/15/2022

James R Kabler Rotary Scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Shine Brite (mechanical, engineering, aerospace, or technology) Scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Baptist Health (medical) scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Tri County Auto and Oil Scholarship  DUE 4/1/2022

Lions Club DUE 4/1/2022

Cecilian Bank Agriculture Grant Program  DUE 2/28/2022

William Christian Lewis Shadburne Memorial  Scholarship  DUE 4/15/2022

Robin J Key Memorial Scholarship  DUE 4/15/2022

Green River Masonic Lodge Scholarship  DUE 4/30/2022

Hart County Farm Bureau  DUE 4/22/2022

Cumberland Family Medical Center DUE 4/15/2022

Community Action of southern Kentucky  DUE 4/8/2022

Derek Austin Highbaugh Memorial Scholarship  DUE 4/11/2022