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 What is College & Career Readiness?

Senate Bill 1 was put in place for the Preschool – Grade 12 education system to ensure students are ready for college or to enter the work force.  Partnership between Kentucky Department of Education and the Council on Post-Secondary Education to set these standards.

College readiness is the level of preparation a student entering college needs in order to be successful in credit-bearing courses without the need for remediation.  Through research, the skills needed to be successful in the work force are basically the same as the skills needed to succeed in college.

ACT Scores 
English 18 
Math 19 
Reading 20




What is the COMPASS Test?

The COMPASS Test is an opportunity for seniors who have not met the ACT Benchmarks …
*these scores can be used for course placement – not for college admissions.
*this test does not replace the ACT as an admissions exam. 


Compass Helps
Free Compass Practice Tests

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